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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is the art of creating a beautiful smile.

With new advances in teeth whitening, bonding, implant dentistry and porcelain technology, an ordinary or unpleasant smile can be changed into a beautiful, magnificent smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is fast becoming the norm nowadays, with more people seeking to better the overall condition and health of their teeth. If you are among the many patients that have expressed curiosity about cosmetic dentistry, let me share some advice with you.worcester-cosmetic-dentistry

It’s important that you feel comfortable and get along with your cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is very subjective, as it deals with what looks good on you, as the patient.

Cosmetic dentistry usually involves procedures to make your teeth look better, so realistically don’t expect the procedure to be covered by most insurance plans. If it happens to cost too much, ask your dentist for options or alternatives that can help you get the smile you have always dreamed of.

There are so many benefits associated with cosmetic dentistry that I really encourage those who are interested to let us explore the options with you, and get you on your way to healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

The concept of a smile makeover is becoming increasingly popular throughout Worcester, Massachusetts and the United States. With today’s modern technology, cosmetic dentistry is reaching new levels of sophistication and possibility.

New techniques allow men and women to have a complete dental makeover to overhaul tooth and gum problems for a natural and brilliant smile.While every case is different, dental makeovers usually include a combination of periodontic, cosmetic and sometimes orthodontic procedures to create an ideal smile.

Smile rejuvenations, such as the ones seen in our Before & After Cases, have the capability of changing presence and self-esteem. Even though smile makeovers may seem time intensive and costly, some procedures may be completed at one sitting.
In addition,with our multiple financing options available, smile makeovers have become significantly more affordable. Contact us today to schedule your consultation! We look forward to hearing from you!